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Question C.1:

'Whenever our nation faces a threat, or some major calamity happens, don't we all stand together with a sense of emotional oneness to fight against evil forces and unnatural situations?' In groups of six, research on the occasions when 'India' came together (e.g. tsumani, earthquake at Bhuj, Ladakh flash floods, Mumbai Blasts)

Make a PowerPoint presentation of about 5-7 minutes. You can collect information by surfing the net and through other sources like books, magazines and newspapers. Focus on: Rescue, Relief, Rehabilitation, interview with victims and volunteers, united we serve. Alternatively, prepare a creative presentation (charts, collage etc). Each member will take turn to speak on a particular aspect of the given topic.

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Question C.5:

Now write your own film review on 'Chak de India', 'Lagaan', or 'Mother India'.

The teacher could arrange for the screening of the film if need be.

The class could also decide on any other regional film that portrays the spirit of National Integration.

Highlight the aspect of national integration that has been portrayed in the film.

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Question C.6:

Working in groups of four, discuss the ways in which the following have integrated India:

1. Music - Jai Ho / Vande Mataram

2. Food - North Indian / South Indian

3. Fashion - Salwar kamees / lehengas / Achkan / Dhoti Kurta

4. Occupation and trade - Job opportunities

5. Relationships / Marriage