Chapter 6 - Political Parties

Here is the Study Material for Democratic Politics in Chapter 6 - Political Parties


01. Define Political Party.
Political Party is an organised group of persons who have common views on political and economic problems of the country and who try to capture the power of the govt. through peaceful ad constitutional means.

02. What do you mean by one-party system?
A system under which only one political party is allowed to function in the country as in China.

03. What do you mean by multiple party system?
When more than two political parties exist and are functioning in a country, the system is known as multiple party system.

04. Name any two National Political Parties.
Indian National Congress and Bhartiya Janata Party.

05. Name any two Regional parties and the states where they are active.
DMK (Tamil Nadu) and National Conference (Jammu and Kashmir)

06. Who gives the recognition to political parties as 'National parties or regional parties?'
Election Commission of India.

07. How many parties have been recognised as National Parties. Name any two of them?
Indian National Congress and Bahujan Samaj Party.

08. What is two party system?
When two major parties exist in the country and the power generally changes b/w them (as in USA and England), the system is known as the two party system.

09. When was Indian National Congress founded?
I.N.C. was founded in 1885.

10. What is the coalition government?
A coalition government is a government which is formed by the joining of two or more parties when no single political party is able to get an absolute majority in the legislature.


01. What are the different forms of party system?
02. Describe the three basis for organising political parties.
03. What is the role of opposition party in the democracy?
04. What do you understand by a National Political Party? Name the National Parties along with their symbol at present?
05. When was BJP founded. Describe its policies and programme?
06. Examine the ideology policy and programme of the Congress Party? When was the party founded and who was its founder?
07. Write a note on the policy and programme of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)?
08. When was the Bahujan Samajwadi Party founded? Who was its founder? Describe the main points of the policies and programmes of BSP?
09. Describe the policies and programme of Nationalist Congress Party (NCP)?
10. What do you mean by a Regional Political Party?
11. Name any 4 Regional Parties along with their election symbols and the states where they are active?
12. Write a note on Assam Gan Parishad.
13. Write a note on Telgu Desham.
14. Describe the policies and programme of National Conference. In which state is the party active?
15. Describe the brief history policies, programmes and election successes of DMK and AIDMK.
16. Write a note on Shiromani Akali Dal.


01. "A political party is an organised group of citizens who profess to share the same political views and who by acting as a political party is given by:
(a) Gettel
(b) Gilchrist
(c) Leacock
(d) Laski

02. Following is a characteristics of a political party:
(a) Organisation
(b) Agreement on Fundamental Principles
(c) National Interest
(d) All of these

03. Political Parties do not perform the following function:
(a) To perform public opinion
(b) To give political education to the people
(c) To contest election
(d) faith in violent methods

04. India has

(a) one-party system
(b) two-party system
(c) multiple party system
(d) none of these

05. Which of the following countries has one party system?
(a) USA
(b) England
(c) France
(d) China

06. The number of political parties which have been recognised as 'national parties' in India is:
(a) 5
(b) 6
(c) 7
(d) 8

07. When was the Indian National Congress founded?
(a) 1947
(b) 1950
(c) 1885
(d) 1952

08. BJP was founded in the year:
(a) 1980
(b) 1952
(c) 1947
(d) 1950

09. Who give the recognition to Political Parties?
(a) President of India
(b) Prime Minister
(c) Parliament
(d) Election Commission

10. Following is a regional party:
(a) BJP
(b) BSP
(c) DMK
(d) Rashtriya Janata Dal

11. Elephant is the symbol of which party?
(a) BJP
(b) INC
(c) Rashtriya Janata Dal
(d) BSP

12. National Conference is active in the following state:
(a) Haryana
(b) Himachal Pradesh
(c) J & K
(d) Rajasthan

13. Political Parties in India are facing the following challenge:
(a) Lack of internal democracy
(b) Crises of leadership
(c) Lack of unity among the opposition party
(d) All of the above

01. (b) Gilchrist
02. (d) All of these
03. (d) faith in violent methods
04. (c) multiple party system
05. (d) China
06. (c) 7
07. (c) 1885
08. (a) 1980
09. (d) Election Commission
10. (c) DMK
11. (d) BSP
12. (c) J & K
13. (d) All of the above